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Good quality Dacromet Coating for sales
Good quality Dacromet Coating for sales
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Happy to meet you in Junhe, Conny. Thanks for your professional introduce of zinc flake coating paint.I will test the sample soon.


Professional team, attentive service , delivery so fast , and we will continue to cooperation with Junhe bearing company!!!

—— Mahyar Tasbihi

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  • Production Line

    Our company have three industrial base: chemical production base, equipment production base, coating job processing base.


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd


    Factory covers an area of 26653 square meters, the construction of a class workshop, C class workshop, C class warehouse, a warehouse and other auxiliary facilities. Involving more than 100 kinds of chemical species. Production capacity of 11000 tons / year.

    First, the company production profile

    1. C-class workshop
    C, 2#, 1# workshop with 3#, 7# four production lines, using the closed production equipment, including 1#, 2#, 3# line by line automation production, and set two fully automatic liquid filling line, filling specifications from 1L~25L can. The ingredients are carried out in a separate sealed area. According to the requirements of the product variety, the central control room of the C-class production line is equipped with all kinds of instruments and sensors to form a plurality of control systems.

    2. Class a workshop
    Class a workshop with three shaft mixer and high-speed dispersion machine three sets of two, professional to provide all kinds of paint and coating production.

    3. C warehouse
    C warehouse construction area of more than 3300 square meters and has a fire zone, can be used for the classification of chemical raw materials and finished products.

    4. A warehouse
    Two warehouse construction area of more than 1400 square meters and has a fire zone, can be used for a, B categories of chemical raw materials and finished products classified storage.

    5. Other facilities
    The factory has a professional sewage treatment facilities, processing capacity of 20T/d, after the treatment of sewage as reclaimed water for production. The factory is equipped with four sets of waste gas treatment equipment, all the exhaust gas treatment facilities after discharge standards.

    6. the factory has a professional chemical production equipment, high production efficiency, stable products, reliable quality, can quickly meet the size of the order requirements.

    Two, OEM model
    1, OEM: Changzhou JUNHE Polytron Technologies Inc chemicals factory to undertake processing business of various chemicals. Provide all the raw materials, auxiliary materials, chemicals production formula, accessories, packaging materials, JUNHE production in accordance with the requirements of customers, product sales by the customer, JUNHE processing fee.

    2, ODM: the customer is required to submit the chemical formula and technology service requirements, JUNHE technology to provide all the raw materials, accessories, accessories, packaging materials, finished products by foreign sales, Jun he collects all the material costs and processing fees. ODM from design to production by JUNHE technology to be completed after the product is molded by foreign bought.

    3, venue rental: Jun provide the venue, equipment leasing services, customers in the production and processing workshop at. Jun, collect site equipment, hydropower coal leasing fees.

    4, brand service: Jun from the formulation development, brand registration, production and processing to the sale of all in one service. R & D and sales at full participation in products.

    Regardless of the way of cooperation, at full range to meet customer needs, from the formulation of R & D, production and sales, to provide comprehensive technical service and customer service guarantee.


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd

    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd

    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd

    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd



  • R&D

    Since its inception, Junhe has always focused on R&D investment and new product development. Based on the needs of the market and customers, R&D has continued to invest in the research and development of new products and processes. To this end, Junhe Company has established a multi-disciplinary research and development team with complementary and professional collocation. At present, the team has 16 R&D personnel, including 1 doctor and 3 masters.
    The R&D center covers an area of about 2500m2 and has complete hardware facilities. It is equipped with UX-720 energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, UV-2454 UV-visible spectrophotometer, STARK-I cutting fluid purification and regeneration system, l300i vacuum leak detection system, DH. -HP150B constant temperature and humidity test chamber, 6B-2000/24 water quality multi-parameter tester, MacOE-10/380 induction heating paint curing experiment system, PGSTAT 302F electrochemical workstation, Ilion697 II argon ion cross-section polishing machine And other advanced testing and testing equipment.


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd


    The R&D Center also has in-depth and extensive scientific research and technical cooperation and exchanges with domestic research institutes such as Changzhou Campus of Hohai University, Nanjing Normal University, and Jiangsu University of Science and Technology. It is a provincial-level green chemical production and research base and a number of well-known university graduate workstations. GM authorized laboratory testing qualification, and in 2015 successfully upgraded to a provincial-level research and development platform - Jiangsu Province high-performance intelligent environmental protection coating engineering technology research center.
    The R&D center currently has 8 laboratories, which are responsible for the innovative research and development of materials, chemistry and intelligent equipment, focusing on the research and development of special chemicals and materials. Since its establishment, Junhe has won a total of 1 provincial-level award, completed scientific research 12, and authorized 44 patents.


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd


    Changzhou Junhe Technology Stock Co.,Ltd

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